Sunday, August 29, 2010

A review on E.L.F. brushes!!

HelloOo xD!! I'm doing a little review on a few of the E.L.F. brushes that I have. I have had these for about a year and a half now so I have used these a lot. Overall ( to save you the trouble of reading the rest haha) I love these brushes. You can order them off of The black brushes are from the studio line and they are $3.00 each which is an amazingggg price! Seriously, I have searched and searched and I have not found a better deal. The white brushes are $1.00.
Studio Brushes:
The Powder Brush: I cannot tell you just how much I love this brush. It is siiiick! My friend kept raving about it and all the gurus were talking about it for I got 4 of them (haha I always go overboard) and I love them. It is a flat top brush with a sleek black handle. The brissles are super soft and it is great for packing on color, blending out stuff on your face, etc. I even use it for liquid foundation even though it is a powder brush. It is awesome for that. It's a good brush if you're looking for a lot of coverage because flat top brushes pack on color. I use it for blush and bronzer too. It is very versitile and it's a great price! It doesn't shed or anything either so that's great!
The Complexion Brush: I have to admit, in the beginning I had no idea what to do with this brush. It's supposed to be used for pressed/loose powder, blush, and/or bronzer. I tried using it for pressed powder and it didn't give me the coverage I was looking for just because the brissles aren't closely packed for that purpose but if you like a light amount then it is for you! So anyways, I ended up throwing it in my drawer along with the other lonely and poor souls which I have neglected for a couple of months. Then I decided to give it another chance and I used it with blush and I fell in love. I found its purpose for me! I don't like my blush to be too bright. I just like a sheer amount of blush on my cheeks and this was just amazing! I could take a red as hell blush and this brush could make it wearable! I love this.
The Blush Brush: I used this brush for blush for a long time and it is great for blush. It picks up a lot of product and distributes it very nicely. The brissles are very soft and closely packed so it does apply blush in a way that shows it to be very pigmented. At the moment I am using it for contour actually. Now that my complexion brush has taken over this one's job! I would recommend this but if you had to only get one E.L.F. brush, get the powder one.
The Eyeshadow "C" Brush: I love this brush. If you see everyone's eyes popping out and their mouths watering when they are describing this brush it is because of its mere incredibility. Is that even a word? Anyways, that was a bit over-exaggerated but you get me. Soft brissles, picks up color, packs on color, great size for the lid, and just plain awesome.
The Concealer Brush: I'm not too crazy about this brush. I would not recommend this. It is a bit, I wanna say flimsy but I don't think that is the right word. Hmmm... I guess floppy? It's a bit thin for a concealer brush. I tried using it with my Mac studio fix concealer and it just doesn't pick up product nicely or distribute it at that. I'm just not into this. I wouldn't tell you to buy this.

Regular Line Brushes:
Professional Blending Eye Brush: This brush is sooo worth it. It's a dollar but you definitly get more than you pay for. The brissles are soft, it blends beautifully, and it does not shed.
Professional Eye Shadow Brush: I like this. I'm sorry I know I keep saying "I like this. I like that." but I do and trust me you will too. This is soft also. I am actually using it for something else at the moment. It is not as good as the studio eyeshadow "C" brush but it is cheaper too so that balances it out. This is a very good brush though. Don't get turned off by it. It would be a good brush for highlighting! 
Professional Lip Defining Brush: Mine actually came broken. The metal part was separated from the stick thing but it's okay. I taped it together lol. I wouldn't recommend this just because it's nothing special. If you have another lip brush stick to that one. If you are a beginner and just starting out then try this out.
Total Face Brush: I hate this. Whenever you see an E.L.F. face brush with red brissles just run away. It is rough and crappy. Just run away. 



  1. I have been eyeing these for the longest time but was going through the thought process of would they be any good for the price. You have now convinced me to place an order =] ..xX

  2. nice reviews - shame about the Professional Lip Defining Brush though!

    I think the E.L.F brushes are fantastic value but I ordered an eye shadow brush which arrived with a big chunk of clue in the bristles! major dissapointment but at least I hadnt spent a fortune one it :)

  3. Yeah sometimes they send stuff that way but have you contacted customer service? They are very nice and stuff. My friend had recieved a broken all over color stick and they sent her a new one the next day.