Friday, August 27, 2010

Randomness/Stuff to come!

Hey guys! Sooo after a horrible day I get home and the most amazing thing happens. My Ulta order arrived. After days of staring at the screen, wondering when it will arrive, it was just there. Right in front of me. I am going to be doing a lot of posts later on in the week because a lot of my orders are arriving in this week so expect thoseee. I ordered a lot of Urban Decay stuff off of Hautelook ( while they were having their UD sale. I think the sale is still going on actually. One thing that pissed me off with Ulta was I also ordered the Urban Decay Wallpaper palette and it was in stock and everything so I put it in my cart and paid for it and everything. Then a couple days later I check the order and I see my order magically got 20 dollars cheaper and I see they snatched it from my order. So I sent customer service a message and they didn't answer me or anything but whatever. I'm just really excited that my order is here! I've been considering ordering from e.l.f. ( which I haven't done in a loooong time! If you guys have any requests please let me know! I love requests! I am going to be posting reviews on my e.l.f. brushes, a what's in my makeup bag, and doing a lot of other stuff. My best friend is coming from Los Angeles to see me! We are both makeup fiends so I will be buying a lot of pretty things that I don't need lol. Anyway sorry for rambling! Stayyy tuned!!! xoxoxo

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