Sunday, August 29, 2010

Drugstore Haul!!

Hey guys! So, for us high-end girls, drugstore products are a big neglected. Are they not? But I have acne prone skin and I love my drugstore foundations, concealers, and powders. I bought these with my best friend Alexandra who just left my house a few minutes ago (sad face). But anyways, so I'm going to list everything with the prices. I bought these from Walmart. Sorry for the glare but the colors and everything are accurate so don't worry about that.
Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer --> $6.48
Rimmel London Stay Matte Skinpure Complex Clarifying Matte Foundation --> $5.97
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder Maybelline Dream Matte Powder --> $6.96
CoverGirl Invisible Concealer --> $5.99
Physicians Formula Mineral Foundation --> $11.99
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Bordeaux--> 5.29 (I got this from CVS the night before along with the shadow below)
Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mono Eye Shadow in Spicy Bronze --> 3.99

I was only going to get foundations and basic stuff but the lipstick was just so amazing. I love dark colors which many people don't but I do and it was the most amazing plummy red color. These lipsticks are great. I would definitly recommend them! They are so creamy and moisterizing. They also go on very smooth and are very pigmented. Here's a swatch:

I also wasn't going to get an eyeshadow but this looked like a bit of a dupe for Estee Lauder's signature shadow in Cinnamon which I was going to get another of but this just seemed like a better alternative. I mean they aren't identicle or anything. Heres a pic of them both together:

Spicy Bronze has a bit more bronze to it than Cinnamon does. But I would seriously rather pay 4 dollars than 20 you get me???

So anyways thanks for reading!


  1. I LOVEEE the dream matte powder! Its my favorite and i've been told its a good dupe for macs MSF, and i'd agree too. Although, of course i loved the mac one better, but the price is what wins me over. :P Oh and btw is it just me or does your rimmel shadow look close to macs all that glitters!?

  2. @Aubrey I love the powder too! I love all that glitters! all that glitters though is a bit more champagne than the rimmel one.the rimmel has a bit more bronze to it than all that glitters but I would still recommend this just for the price. I've heard (although I don't have nyx shadows to know for sure) that NYX's shadow in Champagne is a better dupe for all that glitters.

  3. hey ,, thx for sharing ,, ive been wanting to get a dark vampire lipstick =D
    this color looks really nice =D

  4. yes it is! <3 i have NYX champagne and its amazing.

  5. Hope to see a review of the foundation if you get a chance!! my skin is acne prone too (just my chin - most annoying thing ever) and I love the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation but haven't tried the stay matte stuff yet :)

    P.S. brave lip stick colour! It's absolutely gorgeous but I could never pull it off :(

  6. I've tried the foundation out! I'll post a review on it!:) im acne prone too lol it's sooo annoying!