Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Review: NARS Surabaya Duo Eye Shadow

NARS is one of my favorite high end brands! Their shadows are highly pigmented and the colors are very unique but they are a bit pricey. So here is my full evaluation:

Price: the price is a bit steep. Their duo eye shadows cost 32 dollars on and

Quality: NARS definitely makes up for their pricing with quality. The shadows are extremely pigmented and have a nice smooth texture.

Color: the first color in the Surabaya duo is a chestnut brown. The second color is a more burgundy brown color. I have included pictures and swatches! The colors are very unique and I think they would compliment green eyes best. I have brown eyes and I still love my duo!

Packaging: Okay so I have dropped this a couple of times but it is still fully intact. If you are unfamiliar with the brand, NARS packaging is usually sleek, rubbery, and black with the NARS logo somewhere on it. I love the packaging personally. I think it is very chic and stylish. I wouldn't hold back on pulling it out in front of others because of weird or cheap looking packaging. A problem I think everyone has with this is it gets dirty very easily because of the rubbery texture but I can live with that.


Overall rating: 4.5/5 -.5 because of the price :)

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